26 julho 2009

Touch of Evil

Vi o Touch of Evil, versão 1998. Continuo na onda dos filmes com polícias que não são tão bons como deviam...

Provavelmente ainda mais fascinante que o filme, é a relação do Orson Welles com o Touch of Evil. Da secção de trivia do imdb:

Orson Welles was originally hired only to act in the film, but due to a misunderstanding, Charlton Heston understood that Welles was to be the director. To keep Heston happy, producer Albert Zugsmith allowed Welles to direct. Welles made major changes to the already-completed script, including changing Heston's character from a white district attorney to a Mexican narcotics agent, changing Janet Leigh's character from Mexican to American, and changing the setting of the movie from a small California town to a Mexican-American border town..

At first, Orson Welles wanted nothing to do with the picture. He reluctantly agreed after a contract deal forced him to.

Orson Welles was fired as director during post-production, and the film was recut contrary to his wishes. Before his death, he left instructions on how he wanted the film to be edited, and in 1998 a version was made the way he intended.

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