05 maio 2008

Sonhos de queijo

Conclusões de um estudo sobre a influência dos queijos nos sonhos do British Cheese Board:

Stilton -eating participants enjoyed their sleep too – over two thirds had good sleep experiences during five out of the seven nights. However, if you want some vivid or crazy dreams, the King of British cheeses is the one for you – particularly if you are female. While 75% of men in this category experienced odd and vivid dreams, a massive 85% of females who ate Stilton had some of the most bizarre dreams of the whole study – although none were described as bad experiences. Highlights included talking soft toys, lifts that move sideways, a vegetarian crocodile upset because it could not eat children, dinner party guests being traded for camels, soldiers fighting with each other with kittens instead of guns and a party in a lunatic asylum.

PS: Infelizmente ainda não provei Stilton.
PS2: É pena não haver um estudo assim com queijos portugueses!

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