15 março 2008


If you want an example of a country in a state of degeneration I would suggest a visit to the capital of ----- however. ----- has four times the crime rate of New York, prostitutes groping at your genitals even in the prime areas, the highest rates of overdoses in Europe (easily empirically comfirmed, watch the needles), and hordes of gypsy beggars, sometimes wielding ghastly sounding harmonicas. I forgot to mention the litter.

Qual o país e capital referidos neste comentário [ não vale a pena contar o número de tracinhos... ] , encontrado aqui?*

A) Noruega, Oslo.
B) Hungria, Budapeste.
C) Finlândia, Helsínquia.
D) Itália, Roma.
E) Roménia, Bucareste

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