29 junho 2007

Art Brut House

It's a direct hit! É o novo videoclip dos Art Brut. É SUPER HOT AND SEXY!

E no Pitchfork, vejo a Guest List by Eddie Argos e descubro que o vocalista dos Art Brut curte o Dr House.

Oh, and "House" is my favorite TV program. I'm obsessed with "House". I want to make sure to download it for me from America. It's on on Thursdays here on Channel 5. And I don't want to jump ahead, you know, I want to watch it one at a time, when it comes out. I don't want to waste it all. I'll watch it all at one go and I'll be finished. It can't be finished! I'm enjoying it too much. I bought the box set of "House", Series 2, about a month ago and I watched it all the way through about three times. It's brilliant. And Hugh Laurie is fantastic. But "House" is the best TV program ever made [laughs]. We were actually on tour with Maxïmo Park, and I had a chance to stay in Newcastle or come back early in the day, and I came back earlier. I flew back just to watch "House" [laughs]. The flight is very cheap; it was like £50 or something. It was brilliant. "I'm going to fly home to my house! So I can watch 'House!'" It's brilliant. And I said "Due South" was the best thing I bought this year, but it's probably the "House" box set.

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