02 fevereiro 2007

Os Arcade Fire fazem os encores mais cool que há!

Estou com preguiça para adaptar e traduzir para português, por isso, via stereogum:

The singer got into a bit of trouble with venue staff at Porchester Hall as he attempted to set up after the band had finished their main set, although his perseverance eventually paid off.

An NME journalist who witnessed the incident said: "Win appeared first in the foyer attempting to set up his megaphone mic stand next to the merchandise stall. However, three venue security guards tried to dissuade the band from starting up.

"One of guards was literally manhandling Win, who was pretty pissed off and shouted 'Don't fucking touch me' before shrugging off the attention and defiantly placing his mic stand at the bottom of the foyer stairs.

"The rest of the band - French horns, double bass and all - then emerged from the startled crowd, most of whom hadn't realised exactly what was going on, to play a spine-tingling extended acoustic version of 'Wake Up'. After about a minute, Win disappeared to the back of the throng, leaving the lead vocals to be sung en masse by the audience!"

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